Research Lab

Interpretable Predictive Modelling for Mental Wellbeing through Social Media

In this project, we develop a predictive model for mental health disorders, with interpretability of outcomes as the key criterion. We take motivation from psychology to design interpretability methods. Our model will analyse user’s historical data to detect the key attributes which may indicate the likelihood of mental disorders in future. This work is ongoing in collaboration with Dr. Rajesh Sharma, University of Tartu, Estonia.

Team Members:

  • Ajinkya Bhalerao, Mahindra University
  • Kanjarla Vivek, Mahindra University
  • Muvvala N V Sai Gurudeep, Mahindra University
  • Sai Anish Sreeramagiri, Mahindra University

Ad Maker

In this project, we design a web application to assist ad makers in designing ad copies. At present, the model generates a set of use cases given a product which can be used for story telling. We are working towards generating divergent yet relatable ideas for ad copies. In this exploratary project, we use a multitude of NLP and Psychology concepts including LLMs, ConceptNet, n-grams, recallability and so on.

Team Members:

  • Devireddy Maneesh Reddy, Mahindra University
  • Lagishetty Rithwik, Mahindra University
  • Pranav Kumar Reddy Teepireddy, Mahindra University
  • Sree Deepya Bondalapati, Mahindra University


  • Rohan Joseph (MU) -> Telestra
  • Neha Bogireddy Reddy (MU) -> George Mason University
  • Smriti Suresh (MU) -> Boston University
  • Sakshi Reddy Methukpally (MU) -> University of Virginia
  • Polamraju Sai Srimeghana (MU)
  • Vinuthna Ghattamaneni (MU) -> University of Houston-Clearlake
  • Manoj Kumar Gunturu (MU) -> University of Central Florida
  • Karella Abhinava Chandrahasa (MU)
  • Prakruti Singh Thakur (MU) -> Arizona State University
  • Mohammed Abdul Khaliq (MU) -> University of Stuttgart
  • Heamesh Nettam Choudhary (MU) -> Lynk Global
  • Pavan Mallina (MU) -> Arizona State University
  • Kamakshi Moparthi (MU) -> Amazon India -> Dartmouth College
  • Manikumar Perla -> Amazon, Japan
  • Venkata Sai Hitesh Jonalagadda (MU) -> Oisix ra daichi, Japan
  • Uma Maheshwari Gollapudi (MU) -> Indiana University -> Oracle
  • Apaar Garg (NSUT) -> Google
  • Ayush Garg (NSUT) -> Amazon
  • Yash Kukreti (NSUT) -> Amazon

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